Posted on July 14, 2017 at 7:05 pm


Five Great Stories, Ten Soul Stirring Song – Checkout Pankaj Purohit’s Latest Hit!

Most men are jacks of all trades but a select few master them all. Actor, director, writer and now singer – Pankaj Purohit seems to be the rare kind of species we speak of.

The Indo-American began exploring the field of entertainment along side mentor Gregory Allen Howard (Remember The Titans, Ali) whereafter we worked on several independant film projects including the controversial hits ‘Belly of Tantra‘ and ‘Sudden Cry‘.

Now revealing a much softer side of his multifaceted personality, Pankaj Purohit has ventured into the art of singing. His latest piece, a rendition of the Bollywood hit song ‘Sanam Re‘ raked in over 252,000 views in a matter of days.

Commenting on the same Pankaj states,

” Entertainment should be both informative and expressive. In the past, my work has informed audienced of the hidden secrets of the world around us, now I seek to evoke a different kind of emotion from my audiences. I’d like to write, direct, act, sing, tell my stories in every shape and form that I can.”

Watch out mainstream Bollywood, you’ve got some serious competition!

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