Posted on July 31, 2017 at 8:33 am


EXCLUSIVE: Mom actor Adnan Siddiqui opens up on Pakistani actors’ ban in India

The biggest surprise hit of July, ‘Mom’, starring Sridevi, has been appreciated, and its successful run in theatres till date is proof of that. We at UrbanAsian exclusively chatted up with Adnan Siddiqui, and man, this heartthrob doesn’t mince his words one bit.

So check out the excerpts from the fun interview right here:


How important was Mom for you?

Forget how important this movie was for me. I realized how important this film is for Boney Kapoor. When I saw him on the sets, he trusted not only me as a debutant, but also his director and writer and the daughter, played by Sajal Ali.


Anything you learnt from the movie?

That not only the actor or director, but also the producer has to be very passionate about the project.


Do you think Pakistani audience will be able to accept you in a Bollywood movie after the controversy has taken place in India?

Pakistan’s tolerance level and patience is much more than what is believed. Even if we don’t like a clothing, but think a poor will gain some help, we’ll still buy and wear those clothes. Some actors have worked here. Everybody loved them. When I came to India, I got calls from everywhere, that people want me to work in Bollywood. But since that incident happened, I’m not able to understand ever why politics is stopping talent because of issues with different countries. We, especially I got most fan clubs from India. Trust me I’m twice the age of Fawad Khan and I was surprised.



When you came to India, did you experience that Indians are also similar to Pakistanis?

Once I had gone to a hotel in India (at that time my serial ‘Mere Humdum Mere Dost’ was airing on TV), and people recognized me because of shows like ‘Mere Qaatil Mere Dildaar’. I was mobbed by all my fans. I had to call security to get me out of there. That’s the specialty about India – when they love someone, it is unconditional.


Who is your favourite director and actor in Bollywood?

I always wanted to work with Vishal Bhardwaj sahib. I think every actor has a potential in Bollywood. They have even proved their mettle in Pakistan and worldwide.


So can we expect to see you more in Hollywood, Lollywood or if possible in the future, also Bollywood?

You know there’s a saying; that don’t expect anything out of life. When you start expecting and you don’t get it, there’s disappointment. But when you don’t expect anything and get a lot, then the happiness is at a different level. So I’m not expecting anything. Let’s see what happens in the future…