Posted on July 5, 2017 at 4:30 pm


EXCLUSIVE: Akshaye Khanna says Mom is definitely the most special movie of his career

Filled with shock, I wondered what just happened? The media-shy Akshaye Khanna was ready to give me an interview for his upcoming film ‘Mom’. And then, it took place. I was speaking to the man who could surprise me throughout my childhood, especially with ‘Humraaz’ and now, the very recent being ‘Dishoom’. Akshaye might not speak much, but his acting speaks tonnes about him. Well, here are some excerpts from one of my memorable interviews:

How did you bag the role?

(Laughs) I did audition for it. That’s for sure. The director called me. He wanted me to look at the script, and wanted me to elaborate on it slightly, so…

This is your second movie after your comeback in Bollywood. How are you enjoying your comeback phase?

I’m certainly enjoying it. It’s something I’ve loved doing, so it was difficult to be away from it for a while. I’m just happy to be back and be part of something as special as ‘Mom’. It is definitely the most special movie of my career.

Talking about your career, which do you think is your best movie till date?

‘Mom’ will definitely be one of them. This is one of the movies which stays with you for an expanded period of time.

This is your first film with Sridevi. How would you describe your experience, and did you learn something from her?

I’m sure. She’s doing such great work that we are privileged to work with her.

You’ve completed 20 years in the industry. How would you describe it?

We as actors are given a chance. Just to be given a chance and working for such a long time is great. I never forget the gift that this industry has given me. So being here is a great privilege.

There’s also Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the movie. With such great actors coming together, how was it? Do you think you’ll brought out the best out of each other?

Yeah I think. When people with such talent come together, then it helps you only, to improve your own performance. It can only have a positive effect on the quality of your work. So I think we have benefitted from each other’s work. But I think eventually you’ll will decide what work is good or not.

Any memorable moment from ‘Mom’ sets?

Not any particular.

Will we ever see you and your brother Rahul Khanna come in a movie together?

I don’t know what will happen in the future, so it’s difficult.

Yes, but would you like to work with him in the future?

Yeah of course. Why not?

Would you also like to get into direction?

Like I said, it’s difficult to speak about the future, but right now it isn’t something that interests me.

Are you involved in the creative process right from the scripting stage to the editing stage?

As an actor, yes when I feel, I give my inputs to make some changes to my character, but editing is not my field of expertise.

Since writing is also a creative process, can we expect you to become a writer?

No I don’t have the talent to write.

You are a great actor and have given us some memorable films. Do you think there’s a lot of untapped potential in you?

That’s really not up to me to judge. It’s for my writers, producers, directors to judge. They would know if anything is untapped. It’s very difficult to say anything about myself.

Any film that you saw and thought you wanted to be a part of it?

There are hundreds. Honestly, I can’t figure anything.

You are media shy…

Yeah. There’s nothing to hide in that. Many celebs are.

But looking at the current times, you need to be there, all out in the open. Do we see you there?

No I very much doubt it.

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