Posted on June 7, 2017 at 8:26 am


Salman And Matin Had An Ice-Cream Competition And The Photos Are Going To Melt Your Heart!

Everyone knows about Salman Khan’s unique connect with kids – be it in real life or on-screen. In ‘Tubelight’ he shares a unique relationship with child actor Matin Rey Tangu.

While shooting the film, Salman was told that Matin loved ice-cream. While shooting in the peak of summer the heat used to get to everyone, especially Matin. Salman installed several softy machines on the set and there was ice cream everyday. One day Matin challenged Salman to an impromptu ice cream eating competition and Salman readily agreed. With the unit cheering them on, the two ended up eating 20 ice creams in total!

‘Tubelight’ is produced by Salma Khan and Salman Khan and directed by Kabir Khan. It stars Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Zhu Zhu. It is co-produced by Amar Butala. The executive producer is Rajan Kapoor, the associate producer is Garima Mehta and music is by Pritam. The movie is scheduled to release in cinemas worldwide on Eid 2017.



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