Posted on June 2, 2017 at 9:52 am


Maniesh Paul To Give Voice Over For Audio Stories For Children!

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Maniesh Paul is known for his impeccable talent as an actor and a celebrated television host. The actor who has a huge fan following among children has been approached to give voiceover for audio stories meant for kids.


A source said:

“Kids love Maniesh’s hosting, be it a dance reality show or the comedy show, Science of Stupid on NAT Geo channel. Also, Maniesh who loves children has decided to lend his voice thereby narrating stories for them in an audio format. Maniesh has been approached to narrate stories and sing poems as well which will be available on mobile applications for children. He will impersonate few popular comic characters to make it more interesting for kids. The poems or stories can be played at several places including kindergarten, schools, etc.”


Maniesh said:

“I was on the Da-Bangg tour when I was approached and I liked the idea. I do sing for my children and they love it. Now, especially after Yuvann was born, me along with my daughter Saisha recite poems and sing songs to him. It’s great to see him smile.”


When asked him about the secret behind his popularity with kids,he said:

“There is no secret, I just want everyone around me to smile and be happy and that’s exactly what I do.”

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