Posted on June 14, 2017 at 10:39 am


Karan Singh Chhabra: My Partner Vrinda Thinks The Slapping Episode Was Lucky For Us

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Actor Karan Singh Chhabra is currently associated with the popular show ‘Sabse Bada Kalakar’. In the show, he is coaching a contestant. When asked about the feedback he is getting Karan said:

“The response to Sabse Bada Kalakar has been phenomenal. The viewership has increased. I am getting calls from casting directors and audition agencies for Vrinda Gujral, who is my partner. They want to cast her in the films. It feels amazing. We both feel great.”

Recently, there was an incident on the set when Vrinda actually slapped Karan. Talking about how the scene played out, he said:

“In one of the sequences, I was playing a police officer from Punjab and Vrinda was playing the role of a Begum from Lucknow. In the sequence, Vrinda was supposed to slap me falsely. But during the actual take, I don’t know what was happened to her and she actually slapped me. And no one could understand that it was an improvisation from her side. It was an impromptu act from Vrinda. And at the same time my reaction was very real and funny. So the audience was entertained throughly.”

Taking about his relationship with Vrinda, Karan said:

“Vrinda and I share a wonderful relationship and we are actually like brother and sister. We joke around and she fights with me a lot. After the slapping incident, Vrinda said she wants to have more such acts as she feels it was a lucky for us.”

Karan, who also has a cameo role in ‘Raabta’, says that it’s important to be part of a show that has high ratings. The actor said:

“The reach of TV actors and shows are immense. Sometimes it is more than a film because when your show is good you, it reaches out to so many people. Sometimes you don’t go for a movie to the theatre but you watch television everyday. If we look at Sabse Bada Kalakar, the best part of our show is that it is the combination of a stage show and a TV show. At home on TV, you can watch a play and at the same time you get the feel of a non-fiction show with many real moments. What I like about the show is that probably for the first time on Indian television, the relationship between a guru and shishya is being shown so nicely. Where a guru teaches his student and then the student performs. It’s a great concept.”

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