Posted on June 19, 2017 at 2:15 pm


5 Reasons Being Called A Tubelight Is Not A Bad Thing Afterall

Salman Khan’s next movie, directed by Kabir Khan, titled ‘Tubelight’, is about Laxman Singh Bisht, who is a slow learner, which is why he has been termed ‘Tubelight’. But unlike what we have been made to believe in real life of ‘Tubelight’, we give you 5 reasons why being called a ‘Tubelight’ is not a bad thing afterall:

1. A Tubelight shines bright

Not only amongst itself, but a ‘Tubelight’ brightens up everybody’s life.

2. It can save us in times of darkness

Each time the sky would go pitch black, a ‘Tubelight’ can actually turn a savior of our lives.

3. You give less and get more

You are bound to get more than you give, and that feeling is bound to make you overjoyed.

4. Even while dimming itself, it will still make sure you don’t go through darkness

Even at its lowest, any ‘Tubelight’ will not completely lose its power to make things brighter. It is literally selfless.

5. It helps you function better in life

Life wouldn’t be the same without a ‘Tubelight’. So time to embrace the ‘Tubelight’ in your life, and make them feel special because they indeed are a rare gem which shouldn’t be lost.

So now onwards, feel proud to be called as ‘Tubelight’, the way Salman does! 😉

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