Posted on May 11, 2017 at 7:24 am


Saqib Encountered Eerie Feeling While Shooting For Dobaara

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Saqib Saleem’s movie Dobaara’s trailer released yesterday and received a lot of appreciation so far from the audience. This movie is an official adaptation of a much talked about Hollywood film titled Oculus, which is a horror thriller. This film also has Huma Qureshi alongside Saqib and has them paired as on screen siblings.


As the movie is a horror thriller, much like most sets of films from this genre there was something that occurred which left the cast and crew baffled. While they were shooting for Dobaara they experienced something really eerie during a particular shot where they were supposed to break a mirror and for that they tried shooting this particular shot for 2-3 days but the mirror won’t break and the scene kept getting pushed. When they started shooting on the fourth day and the same mirror was not in the frame and while shooting for another scene, suddenly the mirror broke into pieces leaving the entire set and crew in silence and shock. Saqib is not scared of supernatural things but this incident did leave him a bit startled.


When asked Saqib he said:

“Yes it was quite strange how it happened. When the mirror was suppose to break it didn’t and then out of the blue it broke on its own. It did make the people on set a little scared”.


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