Posted on May 16, 2017 at 11:47 am


R Madhavan To Write A Book On Organic Farming

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R Madhavan’s extensive research on organic farming that he has been rigorously following since three years has been extremely rewarding.


The garden of his spacious abode boasts of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits’ ladies finger, aubergine, broccoli, tomatoes and cucumber among others.


Considering Madhavan’s vast knowledge of organic farming and his in-depth analysis, he has been approached by a leading publication of organic agriculture to write a book on organic farming and share his views and first-hand experiences thereby creating awareness among the common man.


Madhavan said:

“Try growing one vegetable to feed your family one meal in  a week and you will understand the true worth of our farmers– growing you own organic food is the way of the future.”

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