Posted on May 3, 2017 at 8:16 am


Kawal Sharma's Charlie 2 Gets A Star Studded Launch!!

‘Charlie 2- Ek Adhure Aadmi  Ki Poori Kahani’, the latest play on Hindi stage is a fresh and thought provoking story with a myriad of twists and turns that most people will identify with.

​ ​It was ​staged at Rangsharda auditorium on May 1st 2017.

‘Charlie 2’ depicts the journey of regular Joe, Chandermohan Nagar; a hardworking school teacher by day, who transforms in to the entirely different character of Charlie 2, once he’s immersed in the pages of the tangled tales he weaves himself.


Theatre audiences will witness Kiran Kumar mark his stage debut with director Kawal Sharma’s ‘Charlie 2- Ek Adhure Aadmi Ki Poori Kahaani’.

Kiran Kumar said:​

“After playing the docile father figure, the anti-hero, the good guy and the patriarch on T.V and in film, I thought it was time I explored a new avenue. Theatre offers you an immediate sense of gratification and it’s one of the purest mediums of performance. So when Kawal got in touch with me for ‘Charlie 2’ and blew me away with his narration, I wasn’t left with much of a choice but to dive right in.”

​Many industry veterans and socialites were present to support the team of ‘Charlie 2’. Salim Khan made a rare appearance with Helenji. Ranjit, Shehzad Khan, Mouli Ganguly, Mazhar, Joy Mukherjee, Shaina NC, Karan Malhotra, Kavita Kaushik, Eshaa Amiin, Maninder Singh, Rani Poddar, Sahila Chaddha, Tej Sapru, Imran Khan and more were also seen.


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