Posted on May 3, 2017 at 7:20 pm


In Conversation with Imtiaz Ali!

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There is no doubt I am a film fanatic, and if I had to pick and choose my favorites it’s not an easy decision to make. I have two extremes though when it comes to my love for cinema. One is Karan Johar’s films and the second is Imtiaz Ali’s films. I call it two extremes because these two extremely remarkable filmmakers create films from different worlds that not everyone can necessarily relate to, yet they are able to touch certain emotions from within that are unexplainable, and that itself is the beauty of their work.

My big picture dream though would be to work coincide with both these filmmakers. For now, though, I got the chance to snag a quick conversation with Imtiaz Ali himslef.

1. While I know Imtiaz writes stories for himself, I wanted to know if at any point while creating Rockstar and the time of release if he felt this would be a film that may not work for the audience? And when it did release did he expect the kind of success it reached?

2. I wanted to know where he pulled the idea to place this concept of ‘blabbering’ or ‘talking out-loud’ within his characters in his films, especially seen in films like in Rockstar, Highway, and Tamasha. How has this technique been envisioned in your head and then executed to your actors?

3. Through the same three films, was there ever an internal urge to wanting to tell a story so badly? Once the story is released and appreciated, do you get satisfied that this film has been showcased and now onto the next? Or what is it that makes Imtiaz detach from his films so easily when completed? 


4. How do you create different emotional layers within your characters, and how difficult has it been to communicate to your actors about all these different phases they have to go through in one film? 

Highway is an extremely good example of his character Veera going through various emotions and outbreaking towards the climax of the film. Probably one of my all time favorite scenes in cinema.

5. All of your films are very renowned for its music. I asked if he had grown up with any kind of music background that gives reasoning to why the music in his films is so memorable? Or is it because you are just that good at conveying what you are seeking for in your music, to your music directors? 

6. Locations are such an important aspect of cinema and especially to any Imtiaz Ali film. How do you select these locations for your stories? Do you visit them beforehand and then write, or just envision the story to take place elsewhere than where you are now? 

7. The Ring your next film is releasing this August 2017 with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. What was the casting process for this film, did you enter this film with the mindset of casting both Shah Rukh and Anushka?

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