Posted on May 17, 2017 at 6:10 pm


Hindi Medium Movie Review: Delivering a strong message, in a not-so-conventional manner

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Ever since Irrfan Khan’s ‘Hindi Medium’ promotions have begun, our expectations from the movie had risen, and after watching the movie, we can say that it fairly gives us some amount of happiness.

The happiness is purely in the form of the message this film delivers. Not that Irrfan Khan or Saba Qamar or even the child have acted bad in the movie, but the movie, especially the first half doesn’t keep you gripped enough. However the story woven together is good.

The twist in the second half gave the movie a 360 degree turnover. Deepak Dobriyal, as usual, has floored us with his acting in this one.

Without drama and cliched Bollywood dialogues, ‘Hindi Medium’ brings out a refreshing change we would love to see in more and more movies. More so, it shows the reality of Indian education, and how impartially an English medium and a Hindi medium are treated.

For the content and the acting, UrbanAsian gives ‘Hindi Medium’ 3 stars.

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