Posted on August 5, 2011 at 2:59 am


A Tale of Two Kapoors

It seems that there’s just something in the combination of celebrity and marriage that results in rocky times.  Karisma Kapoor’s marriage to businessmanSanjay Kapur, has been one such marriage that just can’t escape rocky waters.  Since their marriage in 2003, the couple has had their share of problems.  Despite conflict, the two had a daughter, Samaira Kapoor, on March 11, 2005.  According to rumors, the couple then split, but soon reconciled and had their second child, a boy, Kiaan Raj Kapoor on March 12, 2010. 

If the rumor mill is correct, the couple’s marriage is still facing some problems despite their periods of brief reconciliations.  However, unlike other couples, this Kapoor duo has decided to not jump the gun and get a divorce, but rather, has decided to separate and live in two different cities.  Guess I should’ve named this post “A Tale of Two Cities”, huh?

What do you think, readers?  Do you think this is all hype leading up to Karisma’s return to the big screen, or do you think that this separation may lead to something more permanent – ie a divorce?  If so, do you think love will find Karisma again?  Do you hope she and Sanjay reconcile?  Share your thoughts with us and let us know!

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