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Yamla Pagla Deewana Movie Review

The Apne clan comes together again for a funnier episode post their family drama. From the initial promos, Deol fans went insane as they featured all three: Dharamendra, Sunny and Bobby creating quite the ruckus on screen. From the get go, the film looked like a full-on entertainer with a clearly Punjabi plot and a number of fun situations. For the first time, the Deol family also shed their otherwise shy selves from the media and came on out to talk about Yamla Pagla Deewana in full force. However, while they managed to knock it out the park with Apne, one can only wonder if they could redo what they did with Yamla Pagla Deewana.  Samir Karnik comes on as director to direct the Deols as they intend to create history with their hysterics. Will you walk out wanting a sequel or will this dose prove to be mighty strong; Deol strong that is?

Father and son ala conmen, Dharam Singh (Dharamendra) and Gajodhar Singh (Bobby Deol) in Banaras are being searched for by their long-lost N.R.I. son and brother Paramveer (Sunny Deol). After their sweet reunion, Paramveer joins the gang as the trio now take their conning to an ultimate high. When Gajodhar falls in love with a pretty kudi Sahiba (Kulraj Randhawa), he is forced to choose between a life of conning or pyar. Looking to his older brother for help who teaches him how to woo his lady lass in true filmy style. A big Band Baaja Baarat style wedding followed with some confusing (read: meant to be funny) situations and a fun last dance, Yamla Pagla Deewana ends.

Not quite sure what the film really attempted to tell or do, but Yamla Pagla Deewana hardly entertains. It starts off with a bang and then loses steam rapidly only to pick up post the interval. But that is hardly the problem. It is the script which is filled with holes and is honestly, tacky. Despite attempting to use and spoof off the “kumbh ka mela” lost and reunited scenario, it still doesn’t manage to do anything exciting. The gags tend to get old and the jokes get silly after a point which makes you basically want to yawn. This doesn’t mean the film doesn’t have any interesting scenes; not at all. You are humored by Sunny’s one liners, Dharamendra’s yet intact charm and Bobby’s I’m-really-trying-to-do-something act. As a director, Karnik doesn’t really work or exploit the Deols as well as he could. And this isn’t because he couldn’t but simply because the plot doesn’t allow for it which is rather disappointing. The music also doesn’t work for the film because it seems so dated except for the title track which is yet one of the most endearing songs ever.

If you needed any reason to watch YPD, then the reason is one Deol: Sunny. He finally comes out of his shell and really does what he knows best with a film that really does very little for his innate acting skills. Whether it’s the action, the comedy or the emotion, this Deol delivers. Second to nothing, comes Papa Deol, Dharamendra. Look this is hardly his best film or his best performance but seeing him let loose with his sons is such a delight. He acts inebriated most of the time (perhaps a peg too many before his shot?) and very averagely especially for a man of his acting talent. Nevertheless, who can ever resist his charming attitude? No one. As for the desperately-seeking-a-hit Bobby Deol, well he tries. And it pretty much ends there. What more can you say about the lover boy Deol? He really doesn’t do too much in the film except try. So A for effort, Bobby.

The only real reason to watch Yamla Pagla Deewana is simply because it is a rarity to see the entire Deol khandaan together. While the film isn’t really a treat, it does manage to do what it apparently set out to: entertain paisa vasool style.

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