Posted on December 18, 2010 at 1:07 am


Tom Cruise Learns Hindi

By now, everyone knows that Anil Kapoor is a part of Mission Impossible 4. The actor has bagged a prominent part in the film and has worked very closely with Tom Cruise. Post Slumdog Millionnaire, Kapoor is the envy of every Bollywood actor who is looking to create waves in Hollywood. Word from the sets of MI4 claim that Cruise and Kapoor got along like a house on fire and were in fact “inseparable”. During their Dubai schedule, sources claim Cruise went out of his way to make sure Kapoor was well taken care of while the latter gave Cruise a crash course in Hindi.

While the rest of crew would pack up and leave, Cruise and Kapoor would hang out talking all things India and learning Hindi. In the film, Anil plays the bad dude but this didn’t resonate in their off screen relationship clearly. Anil went on to say, “He is a fast learner, and a sport and fun to work with,” about Cruise who in turn went on to thank Kapoor on a prominent social networking site, “Thank-you, Anil Kapoor. Aaap dhanyawad.”

Cruise is said to be planning a trip with his wife Katie Holmes to India in the near future and plans to greet his fans with all the Hindi he’s learnt from Kapoor.

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