Posted on November 4, 2023 at 9:40 am

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Russian Influencer Hasbulla Sparks Outrage and Road Safety Concerns in UAE

Russian influencer Hasbulla Magomedov, known for his TikTok videos, is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons to get views. Less than six months after his arrest for dangerous driving in his hometown Dagestan, the 3-feet 3-inch sensation has been caught on camera in a public video engaging in reckless behavior on a visit to the UAE. The incident has raised concerns about road safety and respect for the law.

Photo credit to Hasbulla’s team

While in the UAE, Hasbulla was exploring with the Nelk Boys, famous for their prank videos and vlogs. The nelk boys reached an all time low for publicity and numbers by insulting the sheikhs of the UAE.

In the video shared by the group of friends , Hasbulla was seen sitting on the console box of a Mercedes G-Class as his manager drove recklessly on uae roads. Midway through the trip, Hasbulla even took the wheel, drove without a seatbelt, and recorded his driving using his iPhone. He then stated in Russian “In my country there are actually physical police, here there are only cameras f*$k these cameras” (showing middle finger gesture to the cameras).

The UAE has strict laws in place for driving without a license, ill mannered gestures, not wearing a seatbelt, and using a cellphone while driving. These actions significantly increase the risk of accidents and pose a threat to public safety. Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of Road Safety, emphasized that distracted driving is the leading cause of fatal accidents in the UAE and called the actions of influencers like Hasbulla “despicable” and “a criminal offense.”

The 45 minute video posted by the nelk boys goes on to insult the royal family of the UAE . The language, disrespect and offensive language used is so derogatory to the country that many uae locals have criticised how the video is still published.

Furthermore in the video, Hasbulla was seen then using a knife in public and using offensive language . The group were also seen using an illegal secret cameras in a massage parlour and defaming the St Regis hotel by stating they had a sex room. So called influencers are supposed to raise awareness and refrain from such behavior and encourage others avoid such activities , instead this video defames the UAE who has openly welcomed such celebrities as tourists.

This incident is not the first time Hasbulla has faced legal consequences for reckless driving without a license, as earlier this year, he and his friends were cited by Russian police for dangerous driving in their hometown. Although he had publicly apologized, this recent incident in the UAE suggests that he has not reformed his ways and has no remorse.

On the contrary, Hasbulla’s arch enemy Abdu Rozik has stated ” I’ve lived in the UAE for almost 3 years, I respect the leaders, the laws, the culture and of course I wish I could drive its my biggest dream but due to my height it’s not legally possible and putting other people’s lives in danger is ruthless and careless. We all have to respect rules as they are there to protect us and the public. I am disappointed to see such behaviour as it’s a bad representation of where Hasbulla and I come from and our community. We all make mistakes, nobody is perfect but its about taking responsibility for your own actions and making sure we learn moving forward.”

Further underscoring the need for responsible behavior and respect for the law of the countries celebrities travel to. It remains to be seen how the relevant UAE authorities will respond to these disturbing incidents and what consequences they may entail.

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