Posted on November 1, 2023 at 8:59 am

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Love takes centre stage: Watch ZEE5 Global’s latest releases that Tug at your Heartstrings

Love Sagas in the world of cinema are like the heartwarming, thrill-inducing journeys, creating tales of passion, suspense, and unbreakable connections that just won’t let go. They’re your never-ending daydreams, stories that make your heart race, and they’re here to take you on an epic journey filled with emotions. We bring to you ZEE5 Global’s latest releases, which offer a cinematic voyage into these cherished narratives, where love takes centre stage, emotions run deep, and magic, drama, and passion seamlessly intertwine.

Gadar 2
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Gadar 2 

Amidst the unrest of the impending Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, Tara Singh, once again bravely faces every enemy to protect the honour of his country and family. Sakeena learns that Tara Singh has been captured by the Pakistani army as Tara Singh returns to Pakistan in order to rescue his imprisoned son Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh. Jeete pledges to rescue his father. Love will be rekindled and will leave you on the edge of your seats


Prema Vimanam 

While two kids from a village dream of boarding their first flight, a couple plans to elope to Dubai in this ZEE5 Original film. Their paths cross, leading to a profound and life-altering encounter, creating an exhilarating viewing experience.


Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E 

In this Bengali romance film, former college sweethearts Ritoban and Anindita bump into each other when Ritoban returns from the UK to Kolkata. It will be intriguing to see if this encounter sets the stage for a potential rekindling of their past relationship.


Angshuman MBA

In this Bengali drama film, Angshuman, an MBA graduate, starts a break-up consultancy with his best friend, Gupi. When he falls in love with Labonyo, who believes in old-school romance, he must find a way to conceal his profession.


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