Posted on November 20, 2023 at 10:17 am

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Kashish Mukesh Pundir slams Vicky Jain for threatening Abhishek Kumar in Bigg Boss House; says, “This is a matter of basic human decency”

Abhishek Kumar
Photo credit to Abhishek Kumar’s Instagram

Kashish Mukesh Pundir is a well-known name in reality shows. He has been a winner of Roadies Xtreme and was a top-performing contestant on Spiltsvilla. He has been actively supporting his close friend Abhishek Kumar who is currently inside the Bigg Boss 17 House. Kashish has a prior experience of doing well in reality shows and the recent events inside the Bigg Boss house have made him come in support of his friend Abhishek.

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss, Vicky Jain who is a well-known businessman and husband of Ankita Lokhande was seen speaking to another contestant about Abhishek. Vicky was unhappy with Abhishek and in anger he was seen speaking to another contestant that if it was outside Bigg Boss house he would have killed Abhishek. Vicky said, “He (Abhishek) was talking nonstop. I would have killed him if it was outside the show. I’m not scared to say that. I have power in my life that I can do such things”

Kashish Mukesh Pundir
Photo credit to Kashish Mukesh Pundir’s Instagram

This statement of Vicky has been viral on social media and Abhishek’s fans and friends are not happy with the statement and demand strict action against Vicky. Reacting to this incident Kashish said, “Vicky seems to believe he’s above the law, like he can get away with anything. This is not just a matter of a game show; this is a matter of basic human decency. It’s disturbing to think about what might happen when the cameras aren’t around anymore. If he can openly talk about committing a crime on national television, one can only shudder at the thought of what he might do when he believes no one is watching.”

Bigg Boss has not made any announcements just yet. The show has strict rules against physical violence but will there be any action for this threat is yet to be decided.

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