Posted on November 14, 2023 at 10:33 am

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Isha Malviya requests Bigg Boss to get Samarth in Dil room!

Isha Malviya recently received an emotional message on Diwali by her mother and father. They were not only seen wishing Isha happy Diwali but also wished her belated happy birthday. They also showed their support by wishing her all the best and urged her to play solo.

Photo Courtesy Dreamiyata Team
Photo Courtesy Dreamiyata Team

In the previous episode Isha was seen having an argument with Samarth. While Isha was called in the confession room by bigg boss. Isha requested Bigg Boss to put Samarth in Dil room in place of Abhishek Kumar. Meanwhile Samarth was seen calling out Isha in front of Vicky Jain he said, “she didn’t ask me to come with her rather she told me it’s my individual decision. She’s a liar, Now I’ll show her what is the game. He also said Isha to shut up to which she reverted saying, “ please stop misbehaving and talking non sense.”

Samarth entered Bigg Boss 17 as a wild card entry he was also called out by Bigg Boss for his double standards for fighting with Isha and going to Isha during late nights.

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