Posted on October 3, 2023 at 3:21 am

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Rokafied? Is Uorfi Javed now secretly engaged? Here’s what we know about the viral picture!

Uorfi Javed is one name always on people’s lips. From her bold and unmissable fashion to her eccentric personality, Uorfi has been making headlines on a regular basis. Being a popular influencer, the public has their eye on her, and are quick to notice even the smallest of details. A new picture with Uorfi has surfaced online and has sparked quite a big question! Is Uorfi Javed now ‘rokafied’?


Photo Courtesy Uorfi Team
Photo Courtesy Uorfi Team


A recent picture of Uorfi Javed performing a puja with a mystery man has gone viral, and fans were quick to think that a roka ceremony is happening in the picture! The picture shows Uorfi and the mystery man performing puja in front of a havan kund, with a Pandit also present. Not only fans, but netizens in general, are arriving at the conclusion that maybe Uorfi has gotten engaged, and the man in the picture is her fiancé. Since the engagement has taken place through Hindu rituals, netizens are also left wondering if Uorfi will be having an interfaith marriage.

While Uorfi is quite open about many things, one would not be surprised if she decided to keep something as personal as an engagement under wraps.  However, Uorfi’s sister Urusa posted a picture of the couple on her Instagram story which many are seeing as a confirmation of the news.

While Uorfi herself is yet to confirm the news, fans and netizens are quite busy discussing the now viral picture!

Have you also been guessing about the viral picture? Check it out and drop your comments below!

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