Posted on October 5, 2023 at 11:50 am

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‘From having the same dreams to seeing them getting fulfilled, super excited to see you on the big screen” – Brother Karan Deol as he welcomes Rajveer Deol to the movies

Rajveer Deol, a rising talent in Indian cinema, is all set for his debut in the highly-anticipated movie ‘Dono,’ where he shares the screen with Paloma. Born into Bollywood royalty as Sunny Deol’s son, Rajveer has captured the attention and excitement of fans. As the film’s release approaches, movie enthusiasts eagerly await to see Rajveer’s acting skills, looking forward to what promises to be a remarkable journey in the world of acting.

Karan Deol
Photo credit to Rajveer and Karan Deol’s team

In this remarkable moment, Rajveer’s brother, Karan Deol, shares his excitement on Instagram, stating, “An extremely special day! From having the same dreams to seeing them getting fulfilled. Super excited to see you on the big screen.” Karan expresses pride and sends heartfelt wishes, highlighting their shared dreams and Rajveer’s hard work.

Get ready for Rajveer’s much-awaited debut as ‘Dono’ graces theaters near you on 5th October. The excitement is electrifying as fans eagerly await Rajveer Deol’s first appearance on the big screen. Everyone is buzzing with enthusiasm, making this a cinematic moment to remember.

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