Posted on October 20, 2023 at 11:02 am

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FNC’s 7- member rookie boy group debuts in November ‘Boys Planet ‘ Na Camden X Choi Ji-ho joins

Na Camden and Choi Ji-ho, former members of Mnet’s ‘ Boys Planet ‘ , will join the new boy group launched by FNC Entertainment ( hereinafter referred to as FNC) .

On the 26th , FNC announced, “ Camden Na and Jiho Choi are joining the newly launched 7- member boy group . “We are preparing with the goal of debuting in November of this year ,” he said, adding, “ We ask for your interest . ”

Camden Na is a trainee who appeared on Mnet’s ‘ Boys Planet ‘ , which ended in April , and ranked 17th in the final . He was loved by the public for his clear facial features and colorful charm . Last June , Na Camden held an exclusive fan meeting in Korea called ‘ Na Camden Introduction ’ and sold out all tickets for two consecutive days , and also held a fan meeting in Macau in July, confirming the strong love from fans at home and abroad .

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Choi Ji-ho, who joins Na Camden, is a trainee who appeared on ‘ Boys Planet ‘ . As an all-rounder with solid rap skills as well as vocals , he captivated fans with his sleek and clean visuals .

The new group launched by FNC is 3 years and 1 month after the group P1Harmony . Attention is focused on FNC’s next rookie group, which is raising even more expectations with Na Camden and Choi Ji-ho joining .

Information about FNC’s 7- member boy group, which is preparing to debut in November of this year, will be released sequentially in the future .

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