Posted on September 30, 2023 at 12:49 pm

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Uorfi Javed spotted with a bruised eye from fillers procedure – shows it with grace rather than concealing!

Uorfi Javed is one of the most sought after and popular internet sensations in the country. Her bold and unconventional sense of fashion often makes the headlines and draws attention from far and wide. Fans often look forward to videos of Uorfi being spotted by paparazzi, but today they were left alarmed after seeing Uorfi. Read further to find out why!


Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team
Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team


Uorfi was spotted in Bandra earlier today and was seen with a bruised eye. While it left onlookers startled at first, Uorfi explained that the bruise was from a fillers procedure she had done. While many people choose to hide bruises and other marks on their skin, Uorfi chose to show her bruise instead.

Once again Uorfi sets a strong example, this time, that there is no need to be ashamed of irregular marks like bruises. The videos of her spotted with the bruise are currently going viral on social media.

The well-known influencer and fashion icon has surely displayed bravery, and many will take inspiration from Uorfi Javed after this!

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