Posted on September 3, 2023 at 12:04 am

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TIOT Release Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities, Ahead of Their Official Debut

TIOT (티아이오티) has released an EP ahead of their official debut (currently slated for 2024) called Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities. Ahead of this release, all of the members of TIOT introduced themselves to global fans through Mnet’s hit program BOYS PLANET. After making strong impressions with their unique personalities and dynamic talents, they are thrilled to share their colors and sound with their fans.

Photo Credit: Redstart ENM
Photo Credit: Redstart ENM

“I’m nervous about our new beginning as TIOT, but more so, I’m excited and happy. I look forward to standing as a singer KIM MIN SEOUNG, not a trainee! Thank you.” – MIN SEOUNG, member of TIOT

Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities contains five tracks that express, including the title track “백전무패 (Unbeatable).” The EP title conveys that this first release is only the beginning of an exciting adventure and suggests that TIOT holds limitless possibilities and chances with the members’ efforts in music.

The rest of the tracks on Frame the Blueprint: Prelude to Possibilities include “This is our time,” “BUNGEE,” “Surfing,” and “Starlight.” SUNWOO from THE BOYZ participated in the production of “This is our time” and contributed to enhancing the song’s completion. And “BUNGEE” is the first composition work of members KIM MIN SEOUNG and HONG KEON HEE.

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