Posted on September 1, 2023 at 4:57 am

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Shilpa Sethi’s debut on the big screen: Will it be reality tv or movies for India’s Kim Kardashian look alike?

IFCM Dubai is set to bring back the Indian equivalent of Kim Kardashian, as they prepare for the debut of US-born Indian sensation, Shilpa Sethi, in her home country. With the scorching summer season approaching and a lineup of reality shows and major films on the horizon, Shilpa is gearing up for her grand return to India.


Photo Courtesy Shilpa Sethi Team
Photo Courtesy Shilpa Sethi Team


Hailing originally from Delhi, Shilpa has carved a niche for herself in the world of social media, boasting an impressive following of nearly 10 million on Instagram.

The buzz in the air hints at Shilpa’s forthcoming debut in India, supported by the industrys leading agency IFCM. Everyone is wondering whether it’s Bigg Boss 17, reality tv or a movie debut? Her journey began in India, but life led her elsewhere, and now she’s poised to return and share her remarkable experiences and challenges.

Shilpa’s mission extends beyond her personal success; she aspires to empower women, emphasizing the universal need for self-sufficiency. In her own words,

“We all have to work, eat, and find a place to rest, but my journey has taken me to places where, yes, I’ve had regrets. Nevertheless, I stand tall, proud that I don’t depend on others and have discovered the inner strength to make my own path and decisions .”

Yearning for a career transformation, Shilpa believes that returning to her roots and making her on-screen debut will alter her trajectory, much like other luminaries in her industry.

She understands the world’s penchant for judgment based on appearances, perceptions, or professions, but she’s determined to share her story, knowing that her people and her nation possess an abundance of love. She hopes that by revealing the depths of her experiences, others will comprehend her better and show her some love in India on our big screens.

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