Posted on September 5, 2023 at 4:29 am

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Adil Khan Durrani talks about the type of projects he would like to do

Actor Adil Khan Durrani says that he is very choosy when it comes to picking up roles. He adds that he wants to make sure he is part of a project that is high quality, especially on OTT.


Photo Courtesy Adil Khan Durrani Team
Photo Courtesy Adil Khan Durrani Team


“I’d like to focus on engaging in high-quality projects. I aim to work on projects that are exceptional and do not want to be involved in anything that falls below a high standard, such as projects of a C grade or lower. My aspiration is to consistently strive for excellence in the work I undertake,” he says.

Talking about his background, he says he has had a long ride till here

“I’m basically born and brought up. I’m born and brought up in Coorg, Madikeri, there is another place called Napoklu. And for our studies we shifted to Mysore. So basically, after that my upbringing has been done in Mysore. I did my schooling, college, my MBA, everything from Mysore. I have an automobile business. I am into construction, land development and I’m also into a coffee plantation in Coorg. My business is in Mysore and Bangalore. I started a business in Mysore as well as in Bangalore. And I wanted to expand my business. So, I happened to meet a friend of mine. I do not want to mention her name. She introduced me to Rakhi. She was a very close friend of Rakhi. That is how I came to Mumbai to expand my business.”

He adds,

“I have done one music video. It is completed and it has 16-17 million views and is titled, Tu Mere Dil Me Rehne Ke Layak Nahi. And it is one of the hit albums of 2022. For which I have got almost five awards.”

Talking about his goals now, he says,

“I aim to remain active in this industry because it has shown me immense affection and support during both my triumphs and struggles. The industry has always embraced me wholeheartedly, especially for my album, and I am currently working on another project that is halfway done. Witnessing such overwhelming love and support truly fuels my desire to continue being a part of this industry.”

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