Posted on August 1, 2023 at 9:55 am

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Vahbiz Dorabjee gives it back to trollers who body shamed her for her recent Barbie video on social media

Actress Vahbiz Dorabjee is known for her fashion instances and her nuanced outfits inspires many ladies wardrobe ideas out there, not only this, her vacation attires and photo shoot pictures get a numerous amount of love and likes on her official social media accounts.


Photo Courtesy Vahbiz Dorabjee Team
Photo Courtesy Vahbiz Dorabjee Team


It has also been observed that her fans immensely root about her pictures to get posted and the actress never disappoints any of her fans and rolls down some drool worthy and jaw dropping gorgeous pictures on her Instagram constantly but this time when Vahbiz Dorabjee uploaded a reel video of her in which she flaunted Barbie aura in her way and she’s surely seen pulling it off in a floral dress, she also got massive love on the video but some netizens are unnecessarily trolling and talking bad about the actress and not only this they are all passing a worse body shaming remarks for her. Yes, you read that absolutely.

As soon as Barbie trend rolled out on the social media, Vahbiz also defined it her way be it wearing a floral dress or pulling of the true essence of barbie in her style and she did it perfectly with full of glam and grace and it swooned the hearts of her fans, but apart from getting so much of love she is going through a harsh period mentally as some of the toxic people on internet are talking bad about her video also they are not stopping at any point and passing body shaming comments for the actress, but she didn’t not kept quite and slammed back to the trollers in a benefiting way through her Instagram story.

Where Vahbiz recently took to her official Instagram and posted a story, writing,

“I’m so disgusted to see some of the harsh comments on my barbie video. Some people are writing not Barbie..shes a bhens.. pehli baar dehki aisi Barbie.. And many more. its so shameful that today also girls are expected to Keep up with unattainable standards just to I please society. But times are changing and I refuse to follow stereotypes. When I stand up,I’m standing up for a lot of other women out there. Instead of judging us..reflect on your own shallow character and focus on being a better human being. High time society changes their perception and gets over toxic beauty standards.”

Photo Courtesy Vahbiz Dorabjee Team
Photo Courtesy Vahbiz Dorabjee Team


Such a narrow mindset of some netizens is not at all accepted by anyone and from the moment she uploaded this story bashing the trollers, she’s getting an immense amount of support from her close ones and also from her fans, but the harsh road she had to go through because of unworthy things done to her surely disturbed the actress from beneath, which can be seen through her emotions expressed in her recent Instagram story. More updates are expected to arrive soon, so stay tuned.

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