Posted on August 25, 2023 at 10:31 am

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Jatin Pandit’s take on ‘Remix Culture’; says “If you spoil the original creation…

Jatin Pandit, Bollywood’s renowned music composer, gave many iconic songs to movies over decades and now he is hyper focused on his social media where he shares his original tracks! His latest release, ‘Waqt’ is an ode to togetherness, for which he roped in his son, Raahul Jatin to lend his refreshing voice. The legendary music composer keeps up to date with the latest trends and spends most time making new music!

Photo credit to Jatin Pandit’s team

In recent times, many old and iconic songs are being remixed and relaunched. Some of them even get popular while most of them fail to impress the fans. Jatin shared his thoughts on re-mix culture and said, “This (remix culture ) has been going on since generations. It is not something that’s happening just now. People have always been inspired by other artists’ music, and they use their creativity to create something new”. He further remembered and shared how prolific composer duo Shankar Jaikishan also took inspiration from ‘The Beatles’ and composed unforgettable songs!

Jatin explained why people are remixing the song and said, “People who remix songs these days must benefit from it, else why would they do it and why would companies get them to do it?” To the artists who remix songs, the seasoned composer suggests, “If you like to paint some popular things with your creativity then use the colour that doesn’t spoil the original creation. Do it in such a way that it becomes more beautiful. If you do that, it will look much better and there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you spoil the original creation, then there’s a problem”.

Jatin further spoke about his latest release and shared that, when he made ‘Waqt,’ he liked the feel of the lyrics, “Tere sath jitna bhi waqt guzaaru kam hi lage main jitna niharu” and he kept following the path and composed the song. It is voiced by his talented son Raahul Jatin. The father-son duo often release the songs together and we absolutely love how the music is being carried beautifully through generations.

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