Posted on August 2, 2023 at 2:24 pm

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Adah Sharma rushed to the hospital!

Adah Sharma
Photo credit to Adah Sharma

After giving the second biggest hit of the year , actress Adah Sharma has been seen promoting her upcoming show Commando where she reprises the role of Bhavana Reddy . She will be the connecting factor between the film and the series.

The actress today was rushed to the hospital in emergency right before the promotions and has been diagnosed with severe diarrhea and food allergy. She’s currently under observation and the doctors are taking great care of her.

A source close to the artist said, “She came down with a severe burst of stress hives and diarrhea today morning. Currently is under observation.”

We hope Adah feels better soon, and can’t wait to see her upcoming film!

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