Posted on August 9, 2023 at 1:01 pm

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Actor Park Lee-hyun’s perfect character digestion is a hot topic.

Genie TV’s original ‘Namnam’ (played by Min Seon-ae/directed by Lee Min-woo), which is loved for its gripping development in each episode, is a drama about a lively cohabitation story between a laborious mother Eun-mi (played by Jeon Hye-jin) and her cool daughter Jin-hee (played by Choi Soo-young). , based on the popular Kakao Webtoon of the same name written by Jeong Young-rong. Park Lee-hyeon plays the childhood of Eun-mi, an immature mother in the play, bringing liveliness to the work.

Through the past broadcasts, Park Yi-hyeon realistically portrayed not only Eun-mi’s delinquent school days, but also her painful past when she was abused by her alcoholic father. Here, the visuals and styling that have been transferred to the visuals of the original work have made viewers more immersed in the drama.

Photo courtesy of VAST Entertainment

Photo courtesy of VAST Entertainment

Park Lee-hyun’s high character synchro rate is attracting attention by adding persuasion to the growth background of Eun-mi, an immature mother. Writer Jeong Yeong-rong, the original author of ‘Namnam’, also said on personal SNS, “Eun-mi’s child role is really Eun-mi’s high school days itself. How is it so good?” and acknowledged Park Lee-hyun’s ability to digest the character.

In this way, Park Yi-hyeon is attracting attention for his unique chic side as well as his solid character digestion ability, infusing a three-dimensional effect into the story of young Eun-mi. As a result, even his character synchro rate is drawing attention, and Park Yi-hyun, who is growing in various fields, is more excited about what he will show in the future.

Meanwhile, Genie TV’s original ‘Namnam’ starring Park Lee-hyun can be seen every Monday and Tuesday on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA channels.


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