Posted on July 21, 2023 at 9:04 am

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Uorfi Javed travels to Goa in economy class, gets bullied by gang of boys on the flight

Uorfi Javed never fails to stun her fans with her bold fashion choices. However, she was recently photographed in a completely different avatar at the Mumbai airport. Uorfi even displays a placard to draw attention to Manipur violence. She was papped at the airport in a never-before-seen look as she coloured her hair in a pinkish shade, which was looking all gorgeous, which not only amazed her fans but also the people present at the airport. She travelled to Goa for a quick vacation, but this was the first time she travelled in economy class, and what happened to her is very disturbing as she had to face the unworthy behaviour of a few passengers towards her. Yes, you read that absolutely; check out the full article for more details.


Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team
Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team


Uorfi Javed recently got spotted at the Mumbai airport, where the diva arrived to take off her flight to Goa for her vacation, and she was papped by the paparazzi when she reached. She was seen with pink hair, which is her first-ever appearance with such a colour. But there’s inside news about her: she was travelling for the first time through economy class, and there were a group of boys who were also travelling with her in the same flight, but as soon as they recognised Uorfi, they turned into a very bad mode and started passing harsh comments and unworthy words for the actress by making fun of her; they also shouted her name many times and were drunk while they talked shameful things about Uorfi and misbehaved to the depths with her. But somehow she kept quiet and ignored their behaviour.

These unruly actions of bullying Uorfi by the gang of boys disturbed and unsettled her mindset, which also made her go furious with them, but she was calm as she was aware that the other passengers were also travelling and she didn’t want to create any havoc on the plane. Such behaviour on the flight with Uorfi truly shows all the things she had to face on a personal level and also shows how brave she is from her internal processes, which is why she was quiet and calm in the situation.

This is not the first time that she has had to face such unworthy things towards her, moreover because of her fashion choices, and this time it has crossed the limit, but there have not yet been any actions or steps taken by Uorfi, so more updates are expected to arrive soon. Stay tuned.

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