Posted on July 5, 2023 at 7:32 pm

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Kim Seo-an, MBC drama ‘The Man’s’ casting confirmed!

Kim Seo-an is cast in MBC ‘s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘ Lovers ‘ ( Plan Seok-Woo Hong/Director Sung-Yong Kim/Screenwriter Jin-Young Hwang) and begins full-fledged activities. ‘ lover ‘ is A human history melodrama dealing with the love of lovers and the vitality of the people who went through the Byeongja Horan.


In the play, Kim Seo-an is looking for viewers to break down into the young parasitic ‘ Yeong- rang ‘ , a parasitic house in Uiju, the home of Lee Jang-hyeon (played by Namgoong-min). Like the name Yeongrang was given because it is ‘ bright and bright like the morning dew ‘ , A person with a bright and clear appearance and a bold and courageous personality. Kim Seo-an melts the confident and courageous appearance of a rookie, He said he is going to show the charm of Young Rang.

Kim Seo-an
Kim Seo-an
사진 제공 – VAST엔터테인먼트

Kim Seo- an appeared in the role of ‘ Nina ‘ in the play ‘ Seagull ‘ directed by Lee Soon-jae in December of last year. A rookie who caught the audience’s attention with his ever-changing appearance and explosive energy. Debuted with Naver TV’s ‘Mr. Jieun Who Lives Well 2’ , followed by web dramas ‘ Another Ending ‘, ‘ Girl’s World ‘, and ‘ Someway ‘ , etc. Expectations are high that he will show an impressive image in this drama ‘ Lovers ‘ as well.


Meanwhile, MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘ Lovers ‘ starring Kim Seo-an is scheduled to premiere at 9:50 pm on Friday, August 4th .



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