Posted on July 25, 2023 at 9:17 pm

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‘Cybershot’ starring Sharib Hashmi wins Award at Cannes World Film Festival

Writer, and actor Keshavi Jaharia’s directorial debut Cybershot wins the ‘Best Artificial Intelligence Film’ Award at the prestigious Cannes World Film Festival after being selected out of thousands of entries.

Photo credit to Solly10 PR


Cybershot which Jaharia wrote, directed and starred in alongside Sharib Hashmi (The Family Man / Asur / Vikram Vedha) explores complex themes of identity, love, and artificial intelligence. The film has been widely praised for its poignant storytelling, beautiful cinematography, and powerful performances.

Sharib Hashmi
Photo credit to Solly10 PR

Sharib Hashmi said, “When Keshavi narrated the story to me, I agreed immediately. What attracted me towards the project was the unique story concept and the way the story was told. It was an engaging script and I liked the part I played along with our on-screen chemistry. It was something different and interesting.”


“I was overjoyed with emotion when I received confirmation that Cybershot had won the Best Artificial Intelligence Film award”, says Amsterdam based writer and actor, Keshavi Jaharia. “This has been quite encouraging for me, especially as a first-time female director as I had always dreamt about making films from an early age. Having admired Sharib Hashmi’s wide and varied roles he has played, I immediately knew that I wanted him to play the male protagonist in my short film”, she further added.


The award-winning film has cemented Keshavi’s position as a rising star in the film industry, and her talent as a director and actress has been widely acknowledged. Keshavi has proven herself to be a multi-faceted artist with a unique and compelling vision, and her work has been described as bold, fearless, and inspiring.

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