Posted on June 16, 2023 at 9:00 pm

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Viral Joshi’s Reflective and Life-Changing Journey on ‘Indian Matchmaking’

Season 2 and Season 3 of the popular Netflix reality show starred Viral Joshi, who went through the in-depth matchmaking process with Sima Taparia. 

Viral Joshi
Photo credit to Viral Joshi

Viral first starred in the show during Season 2, where she met Sima aunty and started the matchmaking process. 

“They followed my story in season 2, and then season 3 was just continuing my journey.”

Viral says that her experience working with Sima was pretty positive, although Sima would sometimes give her some tough love during the process. 

“She showed me three matches over the course of the season, and every time I had a date … she would call me and follow up and ask me how the date went. Slowly we ultimately got to my match on the show, but overall, it was really positive.” 

For Viral, the matchmaking process was one that she believed in, and still continues to believe in after going through the process. 

“My belief on matchmaking is that it can work, and it’s a concept that’s worked for several centuries. I do think it can work, it’s just like any relationship, whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged marriage.”

Viral emphasizes that ultimately relationships and marriages are up to two people, and the success of their relationship is dependent on them. 

She debunks the fan theory that parts of the show are scripted, and explains that the filming process is pretty organic. 

“The filming process itself is very effortless, the production team do a great job just blending in, so there’s no awkwardness that you personally feel being in front of cameras.”

Dating in front of a camera crew can be intimidating, and Viral explains that in such a vulnerable environment, the production team was incredibly supportive. 

Although Viral was set up with someone on season 2 of the show, she is currently with him, and they broke up before the season aired. 

“I had a wonderful experience,and I think ultimately … values have to align throughout the relationship, and so it’s important to have open and honest communication in the beginning.” 

Viral Joshi
Photo credit to Viral Joshi

After having been on the show, Viral’s outlook on her future and what she wants for her life have changed. 

“Before I did the show, I was definitely in the same wheelhouse: I’ll work my nine to five, I will find a relationship, get married, and go down that very traditional route. And, while there’s nothing wrong with that, I will say, my experience after the show has been a lot of new opportunities … so I’ve been kind of seeing what comes my way … and I’m just pursuing it and seeing where it all goes.” 

‘Indian Matchmaking’ has been making headlines since its debut season for bringing South Asian representation to the forefront of national television, especially in the reality dating show world. 

“Seeing a lot more South Asian representation in the content creation and creative industry is really helpful for viewers like me … I think representation for South Asians is very very long overdue, and I’m glad that the people on the show are also very open and vulnerable people and don’t mind sharing their stories.” 

One thing that was not shown on the show about Viral’s journey was her belief in the importance of women in STEM and careers in that field. 

“There are still glass ceilings to break, and it is something that I continue to push forward … most people do not know that I used to be a high school science teacher, and that’s something I want people to know.” 

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