Posted on June 6, 2023 at 7:34 am

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Mahira Sharma performs Ganga Arti at Rishikesh to express gratitude for LehmberGinni success

Mahira Sharma is known for giving every ounce of hard work and dedication to the role she portrays, and this can even be seen in her debut Punjabi film “LehmberGinni,” in which the actress has swooned the hearts of the audience in the theatres with her character Ginni.


Photo Courtesy Mahira Sharma Team
Photo Courtesy Mahira Sharma Team


In the film she’s never been seen performing as the debutant because the way she has carried herself in the role of Ginni is amazing, and due to this, she completely managed to grab the viewer’s attention towards her, and as a result, her first big screen release is successfully running all over north India as well as across the nation. And after the success of her film, Mahira showed gratitude towards the almighty by visiting the holy river Ganga and doing an arti.

The film “Lehmberginni,” which was released on June 2nd, had huge expectations in the minds of Mahira’s fans after the trailer launch, and now that the movie is launched, Mahira has stood on par with expectations and has delivered a power-pack performance in the movie. Also,  the way she has presented herself in the whole movie is beyond words. She’s playing the female lead in the movie, and wherever she’s seen in the film, she has surely given an eye-catching stint, and after seeing her in the film, no one can tell that this is Mahira’s debut because the way she is seen delivering a top-notch level of acting is surprising, and she’s been glimpsing all the way beautiful in the whole movie.

No doubt, with her tremendous judgement of her character, audiences are entrenching her as one of the most lovable actors in the film. And the diva didn’t step back to thank God for all the success and follow and respect our culture; she visited the banks of the Ganga and did an arti where the actress visited in a simple yet elegant blue suit salwar, which gave a glimpse of her sanskar towards the roots of her faith and belief in God. And it has not been a week since her movie has been released, and it’s doing great across India. This step of Mahira visiting Ganga will surely create a soft corner for her in the hearts of the audience, and she might have prayed for massive box office collections shortly.

Meanwhile, Mahira Sharma is currently busy promoting her film and doing every possible thing to make her first one even bigger. For more updates, stay tuned.

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