Posted on June 20, 2023 at 10:33 am

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Exclusive SECRET NUMBER ON “DOXA” Team Bonding

SECRET NUMBER ON DOXA, Team Bonding & More 

DOXA is about poisonous relationships that are in a cycle of making up and breaking up and our main theme is love”, says member JINNY of Secret Number on the title track of their sixth album DOXA, which has garnered over 3:5 million views since its release.

She further adds with the track they have tried to portray a darker and venomous side to pull off the strong vibe of the song. 

An all inclusive group which comprising of six members MINJI, DITA, ZUU, SOODAM, LÈA and JINNU who come from Japan, Indonesia, the United States, and South Korea, “Secret Number” have been scorching the popularity charts since their debut album, ‘Who Dis?’’in 2020.


“Our strength as a group is that we can communicate with the audience around the world in several different languages”, says MINJI in an exclusive interview to Urban Asian.

Secret Number
Secret Number

Their quirky group name, SECRET NUMBER, has been inspired  by the exclusive digits one utilises for sensitive passwords and codes.


“The name of the group was chosen by our CEO. For its meaning, everyone has a special number that they use as a password. Likewise, we would like to be something special to the public” says LÈA.


As the girls position themselves on the popularity charts, becoming one of the most sought after girl groups, they are well aware of performance pressure and expectations in a competitive industry such as K-pop.


“Whenever a situation arises when we need to solve a problem, we would always consult each other in the process. I think a little bit of pressure can actually be something healthy for you as it is what drives and motivates you. We always give our best during our practice sessions, as well as monitoring sessions to meet expectations of our fans, LOCKEY” says ZUU. MINJI further adds, “It would be a lie if I say that I’m not pressured, but we all possess that urge to put up our best performance on stage.”


As many try to break into the K Pop scene, DITA gives a shout out to all those trying. She  confesses that she herself had auditioned a-lot and faced rejections too.

“ My message is to never be scared to try and even if you fail, neves be afraid to try. Sometimes it may not be your path and there is a chance you will come up with something else”.

JINNY adds to it saying, that the three P’s to succeed are, “ patience, practise and passion”, if you have those, it will help you through this journey.


Their team bonding visible,the girls reveal  that DITA and SOODAM are the calmest and  LÈA the most stylish amongst the six of them.

While on the question of influences ZUU says she is a huge Billie Ellish fan and is usually motivated by the singer’s performance says when it comes to musical collaborations she has a name on her wish list.

“I would be honored to be able to perform with my K-pop role model, TAEMIN. I’ll continue to work hard for that!”

When not making music MINJI confesses she loves binge watching anime, being a huge fan of the genre,  is currently enjoying “Tokyo Revengers”. But she also reveals  she likes to walk around Seoul to get some much needed downtime.

“ I like to walk around one of the palaces, and I choose one based on the weather, the season and the mood of the day”.


LÈA when asked about a super power she wished to have, promptly responds with “ I want the power to not feel drowsy, as I feel like 24 hours are not enough”.

So which country is on their wish list to perform ?

“Everywhere” say the girls in unison. The group which recently turned three years old in the business, hope to come out with a full fledged album soon.


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