Posted on June 19, 2023 at 10:58 am

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Bollywood Divas Setting Goals For A Perfect Monsoon Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love the rainy season? After all the romantic season offers some much-needed respite from the summer heat, but also makes it a little difficult for you to be on top of your fashion game. Rains come with the worry of your clothes getting wet and dirty from the water and mud. Here, we have a few fashion trends featuring our Bollywood leading ladies that you can effortlessly follow this monsoon season without a worry.

Tara Sutaria
Photo credit to Namira PR

Tara Sutaria

If you’ve got enough style in your wardrobe, no season or reason can stand in your way of dressing well. Tara Sutaria is a shining example. The Bollywood actress has often been spotted wearing denim shorts in rains. The actress also makes sure to pair them with boots to navigate the streets easily in monsoon.

Madhurima Tuli

When it comes to eternal style, take cues from Madhurima Tuli! As the actress Madhurima Tuli has often been seen in, rains call for darker colors. To avoid clothes getting stained due to the rains, go for some shades that are safer. In case of dresses, like Madhurima’s pink dress, end the hem a few inches off the ground. Long flowy dresses are a no no for this season and fitted ones go great.

Ananya Pandey

The millennial actress looked adorable as ever as she was spotted wearing a checked co-ord set featuring breezy shorts and a casual blazer. With materials, you must go for thin and comfortable layers that are not too warm and easy to dry. Go for cotton, rayon, or polyester bomber jackets that will dry up easily and will also keep you protected from the raging winds.

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