Posted on May 24, 2023 at 3:13 am

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Somy Ali finds model for her No More Tears t-shirts in Lashkarm aka PR consultant Prashant Golecha!

Ace PR consultant Prashant Golecha has been in the industry for a long time and is an MBA in Marketing and came with the dream of joining an Ad Agency which didn’t happen. However, circumstantially he got into PR and excelled in a tremendous manner. Recently, he began modelling with his first break in the form of former Bollywood actress turned NGO owner, Somy Ali‘s offer to model for her range of Human Being T-shirts.


Photo Courtesy Prashant Golecha Team
Photo Courtesy Prashant Golecha Team


On being asked Somy says,

“Prashant Golecha is extremely professional and above that he is a fantastic human being which makes him shine and fit our range of t-shirts with the profit of the entire sales going to our NGO “No More Tears”  vision and mission. I urge everyone to log onto our website and purchase our t-shirts”. She further adds, “I feel Prashant, aka Lashkarm, has the potential in terms of a model and he should definitely consider acting too. Maybe he can combine modelling and a music Video, to begin with”.

Photo Courtesy Prashant Golecha Team
Photo Courtesy Prashant Golecha Team

She further adds,

“Acting is about talent and opportunities both. Never say never. Maybe I also may make a comeback. It’s all about destiny and I wish the best for Lashkarm. He may attract the right opportunities and may he manifest what he truly wants”.

“For the uninitiated Prashant Golecha is one PR individual whose goodwill, intelligence, and professionalism precede him. It would be fantastic to see him model more and may he get the right acting break too which matches his willingness to groom his rawness and learn on the job. There are very few people who put others before themselves and Prashant is one of those rare humans who is always worried and on the lookout for others’ well-being before worrying about his own needs. This in itself makes him unique as a person and I am so glad that he is the one promoting our NGO’s t-shirts”.  She concludes.

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