Posted on May 12, 2023 at 7:32 am

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Raqesh Bapat ties up with US Mallakhamb association, brings players to Assam for World Championship

Actor turned producer Raqesh Bapat is all set to release his upcoming documentary, featuring the sport of ‘Mallakhamb’.

Raqesh has tied up with the USA ‘Mallakhamb’ organization to bring Indian players from the US to India to meet with players from here. Together they will go to Assam for the Mallakhamb Championship and interact with Mallakhamb players worldwide.

Raqesh’s film production team ‘Tathastu’ productions that the actor set up in association with his friend’s production house ‘Saad’, will be filming the championship , the journey of these players and focussing on the entire sport as a whole which they want to bring to light in the eye of the public.

Speaking about the making of the documentary, Raqesh Bapat shares,

“Story telling through visual medium causes a deeper impact. My friends Chinmay and Namdeo are working on an Indian sport which deserves right attention and has been unobserved until now. We as producers and creative alike minds  wish to contribute to the sport and build more awareness of it through this documentary as a medium”.

“Through this documentary, we wish to share the trials and success story of the Mallakhamb Federation of USA . The ambitious motive behind this is to inspire other nations to adopt Mallakhamb as a sport and grow using these lessons and techniques to join our mission. ‘Mallakhamb to Olympics is our vision! Only then this documentary will be a success! Our aim is to make these players reach the LA Olympics in 2028. We always look for heroes on screen! But there real life heroes like chinmay that work silently towards a cause that is bigger than all of us is what makes them heroes! . We as producers want to find these stories and tell them to the world. These are stories with global relevance yet with very deep rooted local ties. I even hope I can make this an Oscar level documentary, and eve. take it to the Oscars next year!”, concludes Raqesh.

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