Posted on May 30, 2023 at 11:16 am

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All-round musician Gaho releases “Diamond”

All-round musician Gaho, who is drawing attention worldwide has been making his fans super excited! Gaho who has recently released his album “Diamond”  for his has been breaking worldwide listens! Gaho album gives you a taste as it is like a musical film!


Gaho has already proven himself and has received praises not just from  his widely-acclaimed OST, but also for his previously-released albums.  Through various overseas activities in countries such as the Philippines,  Japan, and France, Gaho has been loved not only for his unique tone but  also for his delicate expression, and is recognized as a world-class  musician. The album will stimulate listeners’  imagination through the combination of an elegant atmosphere and colorful images that created  a specialty like a six-chaptered musical film.  

Gaho Kpop
Gaho Kpop

Gaho’s second mini-album “Diamond” included a total of six songs, including the pop-based ballad  title track “Love Me”, “Beautiful Night” which has been pre-released as a single, “Intro” with mood  sound of “Love Me” and “Only You”, “Diamond” that is filled with pleasant excitement, and “Lonely,”  which expresses lonely emotions through acoustic guitar sound.  

The title track “Love Me” has an old-fashioned mood reminiscent of a classic movie. The song tells  us the story. Gaho’s soft and delicate vocals expresses the emotion of the song that’s about of  living a perfect life but not achieving love and feeling empty.  

Like an all-rounder musician that he is, Gaho himself composed, wrote, arranged, and produced all  the songs, with the concept of gratitude in mind to all the listeners of his album. Raising the value  of the album further, he tells a story of a man, who in spite having a lot of things in his life, lost  his love. The man then tried to recall the colorful part of this life before this happened and tried to  express his love with a mournful heart but was still eventually left alone.  

The released music video teaser starts with the sound of an a cappella showing Gaho spending a  happy time walking on the streets of France. At the end of the video, Gaho is seen conducting  alone in an empty area void of anybody, raising questions about what the story will be in the music  video that’s about to be released. 

Take a listen and let us know how you find the album!

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