Posted on April 25, 2023 at 1:57 pm

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Rumoured contestant for Lock Upp 2, actress Anjali Raghav turned down a web show as the script demanded nudity

Anjali Raghav
Photo courtesy of Anjali Raghav’s team

Anjali Raghav, who recently made headlines by dropping hints of being a part of ‘Lock Upp’ season 2 this year is loaded with scripts, as the star is being offered a number of web shows.

A source close to the actress revealed that Anjali turn down a web show because of the script demanding the actress to go half naked.

While talking about the same Anjali quoted, “ As an actor I have no boundaries when it comes to playing bold and realistic roles, I can’t reveal the name of the show of course but yes I really wished on being a part of it up until I came across a clause which demanded nudity. I have created a certain boundary which I wouldn’t like to cross, nevertheless if in near future I get to be a part of shows where I can showcase my acting abilities I would love to take that up, as I don’t believe in creating any unnecessary controversy.”

Anjali is in cahoots for making her debut in a reality show this year and she has a number of projects in the pipeline.

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