Posted on January 26, 2023 at 12:34 am

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New India is coming out in the form of global example, says celebs this Republic Day

From education to Infrastructure, India has never stopped itself from growing ahead. However, here is what must change according to these celebrities.


Subuhii Joshii

India has progressed so much in every sector and every field, we are right there. But I think the area that still needs to be worked upon is healthcare. I don’t think our healthcare sectors are strong because when I see other countries, they get so many health care benefits and I think the same thing should be provided for everybody in India as well. Also, education should be taken care of because recently I read that many Indians are willing to give up their citizenship and move abroad because somewhere they feel there is a lack of quality education and job opportunities so that should be looked into.


Ambuj Dixit

After 75 years of gaining independence, India has walked a long way. India has built a surplus economy and defiled from within to remain a democracy. The country has also become one of the most celebrated science and technology hubs. Besides, India’s foreign policy is second to none. We have produced noble laureates, artists, singers, musicians, writers, sportsmen, scientists, diplomats, scholars and statesmen of world repute year after year, in hundreds. This is no mean thing in just seven decades of our independent existence. Despite these contrasting views, the fact that remains is that the India we see today is different than what it was during independence. It has developed in terms of infrastructure, education, healthcare, science and technology, and in almost all other sectors. We as a country are always improving, our country must keep focusing on creating more and more job opportunities and focus on improving living conditions and education so that fewer numbers of people move abroad in hope of a better life. Our country has immense potential and the world has noticed it and not just the potential but the future belongs to India.


Ranndeep R Rai

Over the last few years, India has made remarkable progress and India seems ready to take its place among the world’s leading nations. The Make In India and Vocal for Local initiatives have exposed India’s manufacturing domain to the world and the sector has taken the economic growth of India to a higher trajectory. Today we have a more conducive business environment, a better infrastructure and a more empowered community. We are blooming everywhere whether it is science, technology, bhai, sports or entertainment. This Republic Day we should celebrate for the betterment of the country and in no time, India will be in the position that it actually deserves.


Dr. Akash Sharma

India is showcasing its strengths on economic fronts as one of the fastest growing economies of the world.  India’s financial condition has been reflected.  Today India is one of the most attractive places to invest In terms of population, the number of youth in India is very high.last few years India is 31 percent increase in relationships (in existing relationships), while there was a 4 percent increase in global relationships but there is a lot of work that needs to be done in which the main work in this it needs to invest a lot more in Research & Development for the future,There is also a need to work in the education and health industry. It is such issue attached to the land, If work is done on this, then our country will become more stronger.


Rewati Limaye

I feel very positive and excited about the concept of new India and how it is planned out in the past 10-15 years. India has grown exponentially and is a huge market for foreign investors, in- investors and for entrepreneurs and start ups. India has become a favourable place to make your money grow. We are no more an underdeveloped country. India products are competing on the global market and they are just at par. We have come very far and I think we are going to see an upward growth from here on. There are a few areas that we desperately need to work on and address. One is our overpopulation problem. The market is growing so are the opportunities but the competition is growing at a rate which is so much bigger that even with so many opportunities more and more people are jobless. There is unemployment growing. Secondly the infrastructure has not been able to catch up with the growing population. We really need to stress more at educating people at the grass root level and most importantly we have to stress on the Make In India concept. Efforts are being made but until and unless we don’t stop importing heavily and figure out a way to produce our own products, I think we will never progress in the right direction. I am extremely proud to be a citizen of India and watch this country grow and prosper. I feel proud to be an Indian.


Sneh Binny

India has never stopped itself from developing and is growing. The nation has become a global example with more and more manufacturing and FDI coming in India. There are international brands coming in and startup’s are doing wonders. India has over 110 unicorns and each unicorn is about 7,500 cr. It’s a huge number and a huge value is being generated by the Indian people within India. What more of a pride it can be. We need more progress on the side of sustainability and we need to focus on climate change. This winter there are a lot of places where temperatures are going crazy because of climate change. I would love to see a sustainable, clean and green India. Let’s leave the planet in a better shape for our next generation.


Sudhanshu Pandey

With the current government I have seen the best kind of development that this country has ever seen. There has been growth in every sector and a tremendous change in the infrastructure and it’s growing better everywhere especially the national highways. It’s not easy for a country our size and with the kind of condition it was in, it is not easy to resurrect. I am hoping that with the fantastic effort of this government and system, we are looking at a better India in the near future.


Amit Sarin

Indians are known to be intelligent, hardworking, spiritual and family oriented. These are some of the reasons they have been doing so well globally and will continue to leave their footprints in all walks of life. I feel the country and its citizens are not scared of experimenting, and even if we fail, we don’t give up. It’s not in our blood. The new India is certainly more focused and determined, but so was the old India (if we can call it that). Though India has been influenced a lot by the western culture, somewhere it still sticks to its roots, and is not afraid of it. At the same time, I feel a few things that can be worked on is definitely better infrastructure, like not only in the metros or big cities, but in small parts too. A more empowered and aware society is also the need of the hour. Sometimes people ignore things thinking it’s none of our business, but that’s not done, and that’s where an empowered and aware society comes into picture. India is a work in progress, and I am sure people here won’t ever stop.


Ekta Sharma

The growth and integration of New India are moving to a new level. In recent years, a number of new large-scale and small-scale industries have been established, and these have also shown to have a favourable effect on the Indian economy. Today, India is a market leader in several industries, including IT, pharmaceuticals, autos, and all other necessities of the contemporary world. Since gaining its independence, a lot has happened, and because of this, we can conclude that “India has become a world superpower.” However, despite the progress, there are still some areas that require attention, including healthcare and education. Better healthcare and educational facilities must be provided in order to improve the quality of life.


Mitaali Nag

There is a lot that  we need to do to catch up with the world’s manufacturing sector.  India till the mid-centuries may be late 1800s has not been a manufacturing hub for the world. Prior to that we were a manufacturing hub. So manufacturing is an area where we need a lot of innovation and a lot of new investment to come in. Once our manufacturing and exports improve, I’m sure India is going to be the crowning jewel once again of the entire world. Currently our IT enabled services and logistics are world class, which has led to so many new  unicorns mushrooming all over the country. With the right guidance and support from the authorities, we surely have a very bright future ahead.

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