Posted on July 9, 2022 at 6:55 am

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Hiten Tejwani who will be seen in Himanshoo A Pathak’s and Payal Saxena’s Ishqiyoun talks about his career and life!

Actor Hiten Tejwani chats more about his career and life.


Photo Curtesy by Hiten Tejwani PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Hiten Tejwani PR Team


1. You are a part of a series titled Ishqiyoun  How was the experience of working with writer Payal Saxena and producer Himanshoo A Pathak of Elixir Production?
Payal called me, she was in the US. She took me through the whole script and she said she wants me to do something which I haven’t done so far, as in role wise. I said I am all ears and when she narrated my character I was game. I was happy to be part of Ishqiyoun and it was wonderful with Payal Saxena and Himanshoo A Pathak (Elixir Production). They really made me feel at home.

2. What was the factor that made you say yes to the project?
I know this may sound repetitive but really the story and my character was one of the main factors that made me say yes. Payal’s conviction was also one of the main reasons.

3. Each new project adds value to the growth of an artist. What is your viewpoint?
Yes, every new project adds value to the growth of an artist. That’s the reason we want to do different kinds of roles every time. I am really happy that the content is getting better and real.

4. What did you think when you heard the title?
It brought a smile to my face when I heard the title. It’s nice and best for this one.

5. A lot of new-age content is being developed. Comment.
Yes, a lot of new-age content is being developed and I am happy that it’s been backed also by so many big producers and actors. It’s actually a win-win for the audience, actors, and of course the platforms.

6. Web Series are in vogue with plenty of platforms coming up. What is your viewpoint?
Yes, web series are an in thing, and still, we are in the experimenting stage and plenty of platforms are coming up, and as I said good content will thrive at the end of the day. People are ready to watch something different and real and with webseries, the story is shot in real locations and mostly with people from that region or area, so the connection is good. As I said it’s a win-win for actors, technicians, producers, and of course the platforms.

7. What changes have you found in the industry over the years?
Change is inevitable, it’s the force that always pushes things forward. Real stories connect with people and of course, if the stories are shot at real locations then people connect with them. Basically, there are 7 sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. It depends on the way you show it. So the treatment keeps on changing according to the times.

8. You seem to be a reserved person. Is that true? Why do you choose to be low profile?
Well those who know me will tell you otherwise I’m not reserved at all, but I don’t like to just show off. I would prefer my work speaking rather than anything else so if you say I am low profile that’s fine by me.

9. What kind of role excites you the most?
I think not to repeat the same roles or play different characters every time. Any role which has a solid reason or back story (strong) as to why is he like or why is he different from others, it can be positive or negative but a strong reason for his being is important.

10. Who is your inspiration and why?
My inspiration is everyone who has achieved or has made a mark on his / her own. Like: Irfan Khan, Manoj Bajpayee, Nawazuddin Siddhique, and Shahrukh Khan.

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