Posted on July 5, 2022 at 8:55 am

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Ashok Kumar Beniwal on being health conscious

Aashram 3 star Ashok Kumar Beniwal is health conscious: It’s an actor’s professional duty to stay fit and healthy

Aashram 3 star Ashok Kumar Beniwal's take on being health conscious
Ashok Kumar Beniwal has always been a fitness enthusiast. The Aashram 3 actor has always been conscious about his health and appearance. He talks about how he maintains a healthy and happy mind and body.

“We can say that for an actor, his physical appearance is his showroom. And, his face and body are his main assets when it comes to performances. So it’s an actor’s professional duty to stay healthy. And you need to follow a proper fitness routine to remain healthy,” says the actor, known for TV shows such as Surag, Khoj, C. I. D, Crime Patrol, Draupadi and Koi Toh Hoga Apna.

Ashok enjoys exercising. “I spend almost 2 hours every day exercising. I do running, yoga, various forms of Pranayama, stretching and traditional exercises. I was born in eleven and half months and with the least hope of survival. I faced a lot of health challenges during my childhood and by exploring the exercise methods and few latest psychics tools I healed my asthma and liver disorders,” he shares.

Proper food habits are a must but some forms of dieting are overrated. “A few forms of dieting are even life threatening. That’s really not the right way to be fit. One must eat right and perform some exercise along with having proper rest as well. Everything should be balanced in life,” he suggests.

Besides physical health, mental health is also very important, but many people still don’t pay much attention to it. Ashok shares his opinion.

“Both physical and mental health are very much interconnected. It’s well proven that persistent negative emotions are the main cause behind 99% of diseases. Louise Hay (American motivational author and founder of Hay House) proved and healed lakhs of people from life-threatening diseases, including saving herself from cancer by just correcting the thoughts and emotions at a deeper level. So, actually, if we really want to be healthy, first we need to focus on our mental health. In her book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, Louisa has mentioned a complete list of diseases, the probable mental causes and a new thought pattern to heal them,” says Ashok.

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