Posted on June 2, 2022 at 1:52 am

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Mrs. India Nidhi Punmiya’s flight woes!

Mrs India Nidhi Punmiya’s journey has been far from the comfortable right since the time she boarded her Mumbai-bound flight from Dubai. Once the boarding formalities were completed Nidhi boarded the flight and made herself comfortable, gearing up for the trip ahead.


Photo Courtesy by Nidhi Punmiya PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Nidhi Punmiya PR Team


However, soon the airline cited technical glitches and the flight could not take off. “So I boarded the flight from Dubai to Mumbai and after boarding, they announced that there is some technical defect due to which take off is delayed for a minute. But for two hours, we have been sitting in the flight,” Nidhi told us.

Nidhi was also accompanied by other celebrities on the flight. “We had Parul Choudary, Mansi Srivastava and Pritam Singh with us in the flight and he was trying to keep the environment cheerful and us in high spirits,” added Nidhi.

She added, “We were then asked to deplane and go back to the terminal since the flight was grounded.”

Actor and Social Media Influencer by profession, Nidhi won the title of Mrs India 2021-22 at the prestigious pageant SR Queen Mrs India 2021- Pehchaan Meri.


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