Posted on June 27, 2022 at 5:02 am

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Arshima Thapar on Nishabd: I am an LGBTQIA+ ally so doing this project as a creative lead, director and actor brings me pure joy

Arshima Thapar plays the role of Pavni in Nishabd and also directed some episodes of the same. The 10-episode series by Mitu will be screened on Atrangi/Atrangii. The actor is happy to have got this opportunity.


Photo Courtesy by Arshima Thapar PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Arshima Thapar PR Team


“I think I was the first person Mitu called when she was offered the show as a producer. I was overwhelmed with happiness. There was no apprehension whatsoever. I am an LGBTQIA+ ally so doing this project as a creative lead, a director and an actor brings me pure joy,” she says.

Arshima has been associated with Mitu and PT (Positive Thinkerz) since 2013 in various capacities.

Mitu is my mentor in almost every field (creative, writing, direction and acting). It’s always amazing working with her. There is so much I constantly learn from her. As for team PT, our DOP Rakesh Kirti is one of the nicest and kindest people I have ever come across in this industry. He makes everything so smooth and easy. Nishabd’s set is a cordial fun family, everyone thriving to achieve the best for the project,” she adds.

Pride month is going on so it makes all the more relevant for this series to be made and released now. And, Arshima agrees.

“The episode that I am a part of is called Pankh. It’s a story of allyship. How a journalist (played by me) goes beyond her professional capacity and gives wings to the hero (played by Lavin Gothi) to live his dreams and accept his sexuality. I am an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. I don’t think I could have asked for a better story to act in. Also, this is a story that was written for both of us years ago. This episode is very special as it has three directors acting in it, Ravindra Gautam making his acting debut, and Gautam Chaturvedi, a producer, director, making a comeback as an actor after 15 years and me,” she smiles.

Conversations around same-sex relationships should happen.

“Yes, high time these conversations get normalised in all households. Personally, for me, I’m surrounded by people where these conversations have never been a taboo,” she adds.

A generational shift can be noticed on the tube with the way content is being chosen and presented. In fact a series like this is first of its kind in Hindi GEC.

“I have unfortunately not done much work recently as an actor. Maybe I had been waiting to do something different and meaningful like this series. I’m extremely proud and satisfied to be associated with this series. I couldn’t have asked for a better directorial debut,” she signs off.


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