Posted on May 22, 2022 at 3:21 am

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Nyrraa M Banerji opens up about her new music video Jaana Hai Toh Jaa

Everyone who has ever nursed a broken heart will relate to her new music video, says actress Nyrraa M Banerji. The actress will be seen in a new song Jaana Hai Toh Jaa alongside actor Gautam Gulati soon and is eagerly waiting to see how her fans will respond to the number.


Nyrraa Banerjee
Nyrraa Banerji


Nyrraa, who has already done seven music videos so far, is confident that everyone will love the new video. “Anyone who has had his heart broken will relate to the number. People often have a conflict between their hearts and mind. The heart wants the person but the mind plays an ego game, and that is exactly what we are showing here,” she says.

The actress shot in Goa for the number. Talking about working with Gautam, she says, “I have worked with Gautam earlier also. It was a pleasure working with him again.”

Nyrraa Gautam Song Art
Nyrraa Banerji and Gautam Gulati star in ‘Jaana Hai Toh Ja’ music video


The music video era is back, says the actress, adding, “Nowadays music is becoming a therapy and it’s also one of the best ways to be popular. Everyone is able to relate well to these numbers.”

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