Posted on April 21, 2022 at 3:42 pm

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On Earth Day: Celebs urge everyone to save the planet

Every year on April 22, people across the globe commemorate Earth Day to support and create awareness about protecting the earth and its ecosystem. Global warming has become a significant problem, among other things. Talking on the occasion, celebs share what one should do to make Mother Earth become a better place. They also share their personal contributions to the cause. Here’s what they said.

Hasan Zaidi

The first thing that we all need to do to save our planet earth is plant more trees. The second thing that one can do is to adopt the mantra “reduce, reuse and recycle”. I feel small changes have the power to bring a big change, and saving our planet earth should be the responsibility of every individual. Things like littering, spitting in public places, honking, etc. should be avoided. I love gardening and I keep a lot of potted plants in my garden. Other than that, I also segregate dry and wet waste.

Somy Ali

I fell in love with gardening during my college days when I moved back to the US from Mumbai. That love soon grew into the realization of how much damage we are doing to our planet. I began educating myself on small things I can do to help our environment. I now have a balcony filled with plants and even plants inside my apartment. I use only environmentally friendly light bulbs, I recycle and definitely don’t have the faucet running when I am brushing my teeth. I drive a hybrid vehicle and try to encourage my friends to follow similar practices. I encourage people to conduct their own research on small things they can do to better our planet. We have to take care of mother earth because the way things are going now, we are not too far away from the complete demolition of our beautiful planet and its inhabitants.

Shivani Gosain

We humans have already harmed earth so much that this world is facing an endless number of situations. Global warming is the result of interfering with nature and destroying natural resources beyond the limit. I definitely keep doing my bit. I have plants at home and make sure not to wastewater and electricity. I follow Sadhguru’s Instagram page. He is on a 100 days journey on the bike ‘Conscious Planet’ movement—Save Soil’, which is commendable and inspiring and yes he is right, nature doesn’t need us, we need nature. If nature dies humans will die too, but when humans die nature will flourish. So for our good, we need to save nature and soil. I have stopped throwing fruits and vegetable waste, rather I put that in my plants and mix it with soil. This world does not need any more war and hatred to destroy everything. It needs love and care to repair and flourish.

Namita Lal

I believe climate and air quality are the two biggest factors that bring challenges to the human race and the planet. Whatever little steps one can take to save the planet earth, one should do it constantly at every moment. I try to include many things in my daily routine like saving water, trying to control the amount of plastic usage, using cotton towels, and reducing the usage of cars. I would say that people should walk more and use more public transport and pool cars.

Arun Mandola

There are a lot of small things that we can do to protect Mother Earth. I think we should strictly ban plastics or polythene because this is the worst disaster on planet earth. In our society, we have initiated dry and wet wastes separately.

Charrul Malik

April 22nd is celebrated as Earth Day to support and create awareness about protecting Mother Earth. It’s a very important day and I think each and every second, each and every minute, each and every hour this should be remembered. Global Warming is a serious threat. Only a few are aware of this. We should work towards it with all our heart by just starting from our homes by planting trees and avoiding any sort of litter. In our country, there are no strict rules about it and that’s why people have developed a habit to throw garbage all around. We are not making extra efforts. If we as individuals don’t take care of it then we are punishing ourselves. We all should come together and do our bit for Mother Earth. Earlier there were strict rules regarding the usage of polythene bags but now everyone is using it again and we are back to square one. Trust me, global warming can get worse if we do not mend our ways.

Srishti Jain

It’s a time to remind us that the environment we live in also requires a lot of love and protection. There are many environmental issues that the world is facing right now, and there’s a big push for humans to change their lifestyles for the benefit of the planet — and one another. I try to do whatever I can. My take is to go green and make the earth a beautiful place to live. Don’t wait for others to save the earth, it starts right from you!
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