Posted on April 13, 2022 at 11:46 pm

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Nilam Kenia opens up about styling celebrities

Hair and makeup expert Nilam Kenia, who styled actress Madhuri Dixit for her recent show The Fame Game, says that there are a lot of factors that determine how you look. Right from technique, to quantity and style, there is a lot that needs to be kept in mind, says Nilam.



“Hair and makeup vary from event to event. For shoots or films, hair and make is more related to what the character demands. Also, there are a lot of touch-ups for movies, OTT shoots that need to be catered for. These aren’t there for appearances or brides, so the hair and makeup are then planned accordingly. For commercials, it has to be more glamorous and good-looking. For appearances for different events, we can go a bit more experimental with hair and makeup. For brides, it has to be more beautiful and like full coverage makeup and traditional hairdos,’ she says.


Nilam Kenia opens up about styling celebrities

She adds, “Factors to keep in mind for hair and makeup would be the outfit, the type of event we are doing, like appearance events, dance shows or weddings. It all depends on the weather, whether it’s going to be hot, humid, cold. When it’s too hot, I avoid using too much makeup as it may melt and get messy. If it’s too cold, the skin has to be well moisturised, otherwise, the hair and makeup can dry up and crack. The same is true for hair. When it’s too hot, an updo could save your day and when it’s too cold we need to nourish hair with conditioners and serums.”

Talking about the latest trends in the hair and makeup industry, Nilam says that today it’s all about the celebrity.


“Trends in the makeup industry now are very subjective. I feel it’s more like what resonates with the actor’s personality than the actual trend. Although I would say the hair and makeup industry is moving towards more natural vibes,” she says.

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