Posted on March 10, 2022 at 10:54 am

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Puja Agarwal: My focus is more on OTT

Actress Puja Agarwal, who has been recently seen in the show film Mirror, says that OTT, as a platform, excites her and she would like to be part of more projects on OTT.


“I have worked in a couple of short films. Recently, my film Mirror was released on Humara movies. My focus is more on OTT. I feel a lot of amazing content is being made for various OTT platforms and I would love to be part of some. It’s a medium which allows you to experiment as an actor,” she says.

Ask her what is her favorite genre as an actor and a viewer.


Puja Agarwal says, “I have been intrigued by the fantasy genre since childhood. I love magic, fairies, witches, and the dreamy world.”

Puja Agarwal: My focus is more on OTT

Meanwhile, while work is important to Puja, so is relaxing and rejuvenating, she says.


Spending quality time with family and friends and going on a solo vacation trip are some of the things I do to refresh myself. I have very few friends in life and they all are my family. While I have a diverse network of people I know, I feel a greater sense of belonging and well-being by nurturing close, meaningful relationships that will support me through thick and thin,” she says

Puja Agarwal: My focus is more on OTT
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